A mamouth trek to raise money for Ebony Horse Club

Having volunteered at Ebony for a number of years, this summer I set myself the challenge to trek 50 miles across the British countryside to raise £10,000 for this wonderful charity.

This was not a feat that I wanted to tackle alone and so I recruited a team of valiant adventurers from my company, Maitland. On 14 July we set off across the South Downs armed with only a map and a few basic supplies. We were to walk through the night, come rain or shine, from the village of Amberley to the coast at Eastbourne.

Spirits were high for the first 20 miles, as we forged our way through the picturesque fields. After an ephemeral sunset, the mood was slightly dampened by a swarm of May bugs which descended and chased us along the path. We were not going to be thwarted by a swarm of insects, however, and with insect repellent applied we managed to escape.

As the moon rose and shooting stars glanced across the sky we trudged on. By this point our energy and enthusiasm was starting to wane. 50 miles is an awfully long distance and we were not even half way. Thankfully, our boss came to the rescue by meeting us on the trail and treating us to a delicious midnight feast.

Come dawn, the relentless hills had started to take their toll on the team. Our legs were aching and feet blistered but on we marched. At 9am we reached the quaint village of Alfriston, where we stopped for a spot of breakfast at The Singing Kettle. The waitress took pity on us when she saw the state of our feet and kindly gave us some chocolate brownies to fuel the rest of our journey.

In the final 10 miles things really started to get tough. Every hill felt like a mountain but the sea was in sight, only the peaks of the Seven Sisters hills stood between us and the finish line. Our pace by had now slowed to that of a snail. Then disaster struck. On the third hill from home one of our team sustained a knee injury. With limited phone signal and no road close by, we thought we may have to be airlifted by helicopter off the cliff, which would have made for an amusing story. However, a knight in shining armour appeared (Lee from the National Trust) in a 4x4 and finally escorted us to the welcome sight of the finish line.

We were all exhausted and agreed that it was the hardest thing we have ever done. In total, we walked nearly 60 miles in 22 hours and raised over £16,000 for Ebony. This is an amazing feat made possible by the generosity of our friends, families and supporters of Ebony. Thank you all for supporting us!